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The Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK: Director, Strategic Planning and Evaluation Division/ Secretary to the Governing Boards from 1 Dec, 2010 to date.
  • Supervising three departments; Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Strategic Liaison
  • Managing Governing Boards – Executive Committee, Accreditation Committee, and the Board of Governors
  • Assisting the top management on strategic, diplomatic and corporate matters
  • Ensuring follow-up on the decisions of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), Ministerial Meetings and other mandates
  • Custodian of Strategic Plan and Civil Paths to Peace (CPP) Programme of the Secretariat

Global Coordinator of Youth and Women’s Entrepreneurship Development and and Specialist in Sustainable Enterprise Development with International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva and Caribbean from May ‘07 to Nov ‘10

  • Developed and operationalized ILO’s global strategy on women’s entrepreneurship development and gender equality in line with the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Designed a global programme on youth development in tune with the ILO’s Global Employment Agenda (GEA) and Youth Employment Network (YEN), a global partnership of the ILO, the UN and the World Bank created by the UN Secretary General
  • Worked as Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) of a project on Mintoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment worth US$ 1 million sponsored by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)
  • Presently working as an ILO specialist for 21 Caribbean countries and territories to plan, manage and evaluate programmes and projects under the ILO Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCPs) and UN Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs)

International Consultant (for several international organizations such as ILO, UNDP, UNOPS, USAID, ITCILO and the World Bank) from Nov ‘04 to Apr ‘07

  • Led an international team to conduct policy research on creating an enabling environment for business and youth entrepreneurship in Syria - Damascus, ‘06/‘07
  • Led the process of development of a gender mainstreaming strategy for USAID’s work in Pakistan together with Prof. Susan Penksa of USA - Islamabad, ‘06
  • Worked with a team of international consultants commissioned by the UN on the damage assessment of Israel-Lebanon conflict and led the process of report writing - Beirut, ‘06/‘07
  • Worked as Deputy Team Leader to develop a feasibility study on establishing “Center of Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development” together with an advisory panel from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Babson college and the University of Michigan, a project of Pakistan-USA strategic partnership - Karachi, ‘06
  • Developed the operational strategy for an area-based joint program of eight UN agencies (UNDP, UNOPS, UNESCO, WHO, HABITAT, UNICEF, UNIFEM and ILO) in Iraq - Amman, ‘06
  • Designed a program entitled “Entrepreneurship for Peace and Development” (EfPD) for institutionalizing Track II diplomacy between the Palestinian and Israeli civil society groups - Ramallah, Beersheba, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, ‘06
  • Developed a change management strategy and proposal on reorganization of Development and Employment Fund (DEF) of the Government of Jordan - Amman, ‘06
  • Developed a project proposal on decentralized enterprise development in Iraq - Amman, ‘06
  • Worked as Technical Specialist for the international donors’ conference on “Reforming the Business Environment for Enterprise Development” - Cairo, ‘05
  • Led a policy research project on creating an enabling environment for enterprise development in Lebanon in collaboration with the Association of Lebanese Industries (ALI) and the Ministry of Economy and Trade, Government of Lebanon - Beirut, ‘05
  • Led a research team to carry out an assessment of the institutional environment for enterprise development and to develop a proposal on the establishment of SME Development Agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Electricity and the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CSCC&I) - Riyadh, ‘05
  • Worked as a consultant for the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to deliver training for the policy makers in enterprise development policies and strategies - Jamaica, ‘05, Barbados, ‘04
  • Worked as Trainer and Training Course Developer for the International Training Center (ITC) of the ILO in the areas of public policy, organizational strategy, gender mainstreaming and youth development - Turin, ‘04 -‘07
  • Worked as trainer for a World Bank sponsored Private Sector Development (PSD) initiative for building institutional capacities of 7 countries of the Eastern European Region - Macedonia, ‘04

General Manager (Policy, Planning and Strategy)/ Secretary to the Board of Directors/ Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA), Government of Pakistan from April ‘01 to Nov ‘04

  • Streamlined the processes of annual planning, budgeting and reporting, organizational strategy development, stakeholder consultations, and instituted a mechanism for Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment (ME&IA)
  • Negotiated a loan of US$ 178 million with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) entitled “SME Sector Development Programme” and led the process of development of first SME Policy
  • Instituted a number of innovative schemes and strategic initiatives such as Industrial Information Network (IIN), SME Networking Group (SMENG), SME Cyberary, and Women Entrepreneurs Information Network etc.

Coordinator/Director (Governance) with the British Council (BC), Islamabad Pakistan from Jan ‘00 to Mar ‘01

  • Established “Development and Governance” programme and developed strategy and National Action Plan for its implementation
  • Initiated a series of social dialogue on political, economic, and social issues of Pakistan and started capacity building programmes for Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), Federal Judicial Academy (FJA) and Civil Services Academy (CSA)
  • Coordinated the bidding and management of development projects financed by the Department for International Development (DfID), and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the United Kingdom (UK) in social and economic development and Human Rights Education

Officer of the Central Superior Services of the Government of Pakistan from Nov’94 to Dec’99

A. Special Assistant to Minister for Planning and Development/ Program Manager, Prime Ministers’ Program 2010

  • Managed the secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Program 2010 and worked on the development of Phase II of the Programme
  • Prepared technical notes for the Minister on cross-cutting development issues, made summaries of national development projects and wrote policy briefs for the cabinet meetings
  • Coordinated the work of national strategic initiatives such as Good Governance Group (GGG), and development package for the Baluchistan province
B. Section Officer, Economic Affairs Division (EAD), Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs
  • Planned and programmed for soliciting Official Development Assistance (ODA) provided by the bilateral and multilateral donor agencies
  • Negotiated grant, Technical Assistance (TA) and loan projects with the donor agencies
  • Monitored, evaluated and assessed impact of development programmes and projects